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If you are being investigated or charged with a crime, you should contact appropriate legal representation immediately. The attorneys at The Law Offices of Mark A. Garver are experienced criminal defense lawyers, ready to offer you the best defense possible. Cases we handle include the following:
Drug Violations
Drug offenses, whether federal, state or local, are often referred to as “controlled substance” crimes. These may include the possession, production, sale or distribution of controlled substances such as marijuana, heroin, cocaine, methamphetamines, “ecstasy” and many other types of drugs.
Drug distribution and trafficking laws often include harsh penalties for the commission of such offenses, as well as for the possession of paraphernalia r drug-related objects. Even a conviction for minor drug offenses can result in the suspension of your driver’s license or privilege to operate a vehicle in California. And increasingly, law enforcement authorities attempt to forfeit property (cash, vehicles, houses) which are connected to drug-related arrests. If you have been charged with a drug violation, contact us today.
In the state of California, penalties for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol and/or drugs can be severe, even for the first offense. Mandatory jail time and the loss of one’s driver’s license or privilege to operate a vehicle if your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .08 or greater, or you refuse to submit to chemical tests requested by an arresting officer. You may only have ten business days from your arrest to take steps to save your license.
With effective legal counsel, it is often possible to keep your license and avoid a conviction for DUI. Whether or not this is your first DUI, it is extremely important to understand the applicable laws and to assert your rights. Time may be of the essence in asserting those rights. For a free telephone consultation, contact us immediately. Learn about your rights. An initial consultation may well save your license, save your job and save you time in jail.
Theft and Robbery
Theft is defined as taking anything of value without the consent of the owner. Robbery is the taking of property from the immediate person or presence of another by use of force, intimidation, or sudden snatching. Armed Robbery (where the taking is done by use of an offensive weapon or replica) is among the most serious types of theft-related offenses.
Having strong legal representation can help you challenge the evidence against you and can result in obtaining an acquittal or reduction of charges. Attorney Mark Garver can handle all types of theft and robbery cases, including theft by taking, shoplifting, armed robbery, robbery, and auto theft.  Contact the firm to discuss your legal needs.
Simple Assault, a misdemeanor in California, is charged when a person attempts to commit a violent injury to another person or commits an act which places another in fear of immediately receiving a violent injury. Simple Battery, also a misdemeanor, and Battery (a misdemeanor or felony, depending on the circumstances) involve physical contact and/or physical harm to another. Aggravated Assault occurs most often when a person commits an assault with intent to murder, rape or rob, or with a deadly weapon or object likely to cause serious bodily injury. Aggravated Battery, also a felony punishable by a prison sentence of up t 20 years, occurs when a person causes bodily harm to another by seriously disfiguring or rendering a member of his or her body useless.
A violent crime can result in serious punishments including a prison sentence of up to 20 years. Things that will be taken into account include:
  • The nature and extent of the victim’s injuries
  • Whether or not guns or weapons were used
  • Whether or not the accused has a previous criminal record
Parole and Probation Violations
Probation is the suspension of a jail sentence. Parole is the conditional release of a prison inmate after serving part of all of his or her sentence. Very often, probated sentences may follow one’s release from parole. If you violate your probation or parole, you may face serious repercussions. Examples of violations which may result in revocation of your parole or probation include:
  • Failure to report to your officer
  • Failure to pay fines, restitution or supervision fees
  • Failure to complete community service, counseling or other special conditions
  • Leaving the jurisdiction of the court without permission
  • Use of controlled substances or non-prescription drugs
  • Arrests or convictions on subsequent offenses
It is common for parolees and probationers facing any of the above violations to remain in custody without bond, often for weeks or months. Nor will courts customarily appoint counsel to represent defendants on parole or probation violations. Additionally, the requirements of proof and procedural rules which govern revocation proceedings are significantly different than those which govern other criminal proceedings. Knowing these rules is crucial in assuring the best outcome in your case. We have extensive experience in handling these types of violations. Contact us to find out how
we can help.
  • California law divides homicides into several categories:
  • Murder and felony murder (punishable by life or death)
  • Voluntary manslaughter (punishable by 1-20 years in prison)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (felony, punishable by 1-10 years in prison)
  • Involuntary manslaughter (misdemeanor, punishable by up to 12 months in prison)
  • Vehicular homicide (felony and a misdemeanor)
California laws define and prescribe punishments for all types of homicide, including Vehicular Homicide (both felony and misdemeanor), Feticide and Assisted Suicide. If you, or someone you know, are implicated in, or have been charged with a homicide, contact us now for immediate information and assistance in handling these most serious charges. Perhaps more than any other types of offense, homicides require the immediate attention and intervention of an attorney. We can be reached 24/7.
Domestic Violence
“Domestic Violence” offenses refer to acts involving threats, acts of intimidation or physical harm inflicted by one member of a household or family upon another. Such cases are regarded as extremely serious by the courts and prosecutors and often lead to severe consequences, including no or high bail, extensive fines, restraining orders, permanent loss of the right to possess a firearm, and jail time. As important, they can permanently affect your reputation and relationships within your family. Speak with us as soon as possible P3 to see what avenues exist to assist you and to represent you in the defense of your case.
White Collar Crimes
In California, white collar crimes may carry very serious penalties. These include hefty fines, prison sentences, and revocation of professional licenses. Beyond that, conviction of a white collar crime is a permanent blemish on your record and may inhibit you from working in related fields in the future. We are experienced in handling these types of cases. From embezzlement and fraud, to forgery and identity theft, The Law Offices of Mark A. Garver can assist you with resolving your white collar crime charges.

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